Best places to visit in Gujarat

Hey people! Welcome to a new state in the blog; Gujarat. I will take you on a journey of the land of Dhokla and Garba. Gujarat was one of the main centres of Indus valley civilization where the world’s first port was discovered.

For mainly 300 years starting from 8th century B.C, the Saka era started in Gujarat. The Junagadh fort gives us a glimpse into the dynasty to issue coins. Gujarat is home to the Asiatic lion in the Gir forest, the wild ass in the Rann of  Kutch, vibrant art, craft and ancient Jain temples. Come and explore this magnificent state of garba.




Ahmadabad built by Ahmad Shah Abdali in 1411  ;the largest city of Gujarat and the fifth most populous city. It is one of the cities of the Smart city Scheme under Prime Minister Modi. It has been declared as the first city of UNESCO. The area around Ahmabad first acquired prominence since the Solanki rulers who ruled over it in the 11th century when it was known as Ashaval.

By the mid 15th century, it was fortified by Ahmad Shah Abadali’s grandson Muhammad Begada and was called Champaner Pavagarh.

During the Mughals, it became a thriving centre of textiles. Later, they lost it to Marathas in 1758.

In the independence movement, it became the centre of attention as Gandhi built two ashrams in Ahmadabad, Kohrab and Satyagraha later renamed Sabarmati.

Places to visit

Kanakria Lake

The second largest lake of Ahmadabad known as Hauz – e – Qutub, it was built in the 15th century. It lights up in the evening with the sunset for company, it is the perfect setting for water rides , archery and rides. It also hosts a cultural fest once a year.

Champaner Pavagadh

 It is an UNESCO world heritage site with forts, ramparts , chalcolithic sites and mosques, tombs and temples in this 16th century edifice as if the entire place welcomes you to pre-modern to medieval history. This site is built  on the  Pavagargh hill inhabited since the chalcolithic period. The Baroda heritage has rebuilt the entire expanse . This sit eis considered to be one of the oldest rock formations in the area.









Rani ki Vav

Rani ki vav 02.jpg


This is a baoli( step well) of medieval period built in Patan ( Gujarat). It is located on the banks of Saraswati river.

It is built in Maru Gurjara style. It is seven stairs and 500 sculptures in a stepwell, it has received the honour of the cleanest stepwell. Most of the sculptures in the stepwell are in devotion to Vishnu. In the medieval period,it had several plants to give this place an aquamarine and cooling effect as one walks through the stepwell.

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