Best places to see in Maharastra

Hey people! welcome  to the wealthiest state of India and also  the most wealthiest state of India. Chalcolithic sites belonging to the Jorwe culture have been found here. Maharastra was ruled by the Maurya empire; 3rd and 4th centuries BCE. After this, Maharastra was ruled by Satavahnas after 400 years. Ajanta and Ellora temples were developed by the Satvahnas and were declared a UNESCO world heritage site. They are Buddhist, Jain and Hindu. The British governed Maharastra as part of the Bombay Presidency. Flora of Maharastra is heterogeneous in composition. The  state has three game reserves located in an area of 9,133 sq km. Wildlife sanctuaries in the state include BhimaShankar wildlife sanctuary, Koyna wildlife sanctuary and Chandoli National Park. The most wildlife sanctuaries in the state are leopards, sloth, sambhar, blue bull, lizards, cobra and kraits. It also possesses a variety of plant species like jamun, shisham, acacia, etc.

Places to visit


One of the prized possessions of Maharastra, located in Aurangabad. Monsoon is the perfect time to visit when the everglade caves become lush green and you see the ancient and Medieval caves which will enchant you. Ajanta are rock cut Buddhist caves dedicated to Buddhism built for reflection and meditation for monks in the 1st and 2nd century B.C. They were carved out of a 25 wall of rock from the Deccan Trap. Vivid colours and murals decorate them like lapis lazuli a material procured from Afghanisatan. They were discovered by John Smith a British official on a hunting trip in 1820 when one of the locals informed him of this as he saw the painting in Cave number 10. The paintings speak of Buddha’s childhood, and mythology on Buddhism from the Jataka caves.




They are mentioned by the Chinese travellers like Hsuan Sang and Fa Hien on their visit to India. They are located close to the river Waghur and and are 30 in number.



  They were built in the 6th to 10th centuries  and are famous for their intricate carvings of Sanathan Dharma, Jainism and Buddhism. They have the world’s largest monolithic structure, the Kailashnath temple. They are 34 in number. Each cave represent deities and mythologies of the period. They were also monasteries and a rest stop for pilgrims. These caves were also a commercial entereprot for trade. The Hindu caves and Jains were built by the Rastrakuta dynasty. Buddhist caves were built by the Chalukyas. The Buddhist caves were viharas were sleeping quarters, dining halls and assembly halls were built. These were gigantic buildings could house many monks at a time. Others are monasteries with idols,mandals carved into walls and angelic figurines adorning the walls. Viswakarma hall was the major Buddhist prayer hall. The  Jain caves speak an altogether different story of places where Tirthankaras used to preach in huge halls called Samavasara. Ellora figurines were damaged by sweeping medieval hordes of Arabs as an attempt to destroy iconoclasm.

Ellora Caves

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