Kathakali- One of the most amazing dances of Kerala

Hey People! welcome to a new page on One of the top things to do in Kerala. This was one of the fun things we did as a family in Kerala was to watch the Kathakali dance in a cultural centre. Let’s take you on a journey to Kathakali.

It is a dance of Kerala which originated in 17th century in which a story is told through the dance by male actors who wear masks. It developed as a folk art in Kuttayam . The traditional themes of Kathakali are folk mythologies, legends and epics from Puranic literature. Kathakali is structured around plays called Allakata; an enacted story written in Sanskritized Malayalam. It has an operatic story in which the Puranic story is dramatized. Of all the dances; Kathakali has the most elaborate costumes and headresses. Tati ( red ) is the code for someone with an evil streak such as Ravana and Duryodhana. Yellow is the code for monks and women. The actors speak a sign language with their hands, feet and their expressions of anger, pride or sorrow, heroism and love.  There are 24 main mudras. Each Kathakali performance starts with music which signal the  arrival of the artists.

A drama of Kathakali being performed.

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