Khajuraho- The city of splendor

Hey ! welcome to a new city in the Bundelkhand region of Madhya Pradesh. It is a UNESCO  heritage site of Jain and Buddhist temples. It has a backdrop of Vindya mountains. It has scupltures built by Chandela kings as a depiction of the journey of men to Gods.You can go from Jhansi via train. It has audio guides, temple dances and light and sound show.


Western Group of temples
Lakmana Temple- It is the oldest and largest of Khajuraho temples with a trinity of Gods with Goddess Lakhsmi.

Devi Jagdamba temple-This is  home of Jagdamba Devi and has some of the finest temples.







Eastern Group of temples

Parsnath temple- One of the largest group of temples,it has Hindu, Buddhist and  Saffavid influences.

Vamana temple-It  is a small image of Lord Vishnu in simple architecture.


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