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Hey! people welcome to the first page of the cities of Europe.
Paris is the capital and the most populous city of France which has an area of 12,102 kilometers . By the 17th century, it has become one of the centres of France;commerce,fashion, science and arts. The  city’s historical heart is the Ille La Cite island in a horizontal oval overlooking the river Seine. It is a major highway well connected by trains and two airports like Charles De Gaulle and Heathrow. This city is well known for its most visited destinations thronged by thousands of visitors.

caption id=”attachment_109″ align=”alignnone” width=”768″] Hall of mirrors in Versailles.It was a summer palace of Bourbon dynasty.[/caption]

 Top destinations of  Paris

Louvre museum –

This is my favourite museum and the largest art museum of the world. It is situated on the right bank of the city situated in the 1st Arr.

This museum has received 7.3 million visitors. It was originally a fortress established in the 12th century by Philip ii formed to save the dynasty from invading attacks. In 1546, it was converted into a palace in the Renaissance by Francis I and now houses many royal collections of France history. It now has many paintings more than 1000, art pieces from Egyptian, Greece, Roman and others. It has nine galleries with the Illuminati pyramid and other archaeological finds from various countries. This museum deserves many days to visit. It should be one of the high priority monuments if you wish to explore Paris like a local person. Louvre museum is one of the top destinations to visit Paris.

Louvre museum is one of the best destinations of Europe


caption id=”attachment_109″ align=”alignnone” width=”768″] Hall of mirrors in Versailles.It was a summer palace of Bour

Hall of mirrors in Versailles.
It was a summer palace of Bourbon dynasty

It was a chateau of the Bourbon dynasty, now a museum. Versailles was earlier a village; which dates from the 11th century. It was a seat of political power from 1682 when the royal court was shifted by Louis Xiiii after which it was again shifted to Paris in the 18th century. The architecture of the palace was started in 1662 by Louis Le Vau. It was completed in 1715. It started as a hunting lodge in 1624; It was later merged as a royal palace by Louis XIV. After which it became a summer palace with bedchambers, halls of mirrors and retreat halls for dining. The architecture of the palace has been derived as an inspiration from Italian villas. It also dedicates an entire room to poets, artists and soldiers. The highlight of the palace is gold brocades and frescoes. Versailles Palace, It is one of the highlights of Paris Hall of mirrors in Versailles. It was a summer palace of Bourbon dynasty.

Arc de Triomphe

Arc de Triomphe was constructed by Naploeon in 1806 as a grand entry to the city and to honour the armee which had conquered most of Europe. It cost 128 million francs to built the entire structure. The names of 128 battles of the French republic and the soldiers who laid down their lives are engraved on the monument. It was completed in 1836 after the death of Napoleon. It stands in the centre of the top destination of Paris; the Champ Elyses. It was inspired by the Roman Titus tower. It is 50 m high and 29 m wide offering great views of the city at the top.

Entry point to the one of the most visited areas of Paris and the best views of the city.


The Notredame Cathedral meaning our lady of Paris is a Gothic cathedral located in the 4th arr of Paris. It has stained glass windows, towering spires,gargoyles and kings of the New testament speak of its Gothic touch as shows why this 11th century monument is one of the most visited monuments of Paris. It has witnessed many events; the coronation of Napoleon and the burning at stake of Joan of Arc, it also withstood many attacks and still surviving after restoration by the cardinals.

One of the top destinations of Paris, one of the oldest churches of the world.


Eiffel tower

One of Paris most visited destinations;welcoming seven million visitors each year. It was completed on March 31,1889 by Gustav Eiffel. It is 324 metres tall and weighs 10,100 tonnes.

It was the tallest structure in France until 1973 when a very tall transmission tower was built. The lifts travel a distance of two and half times the circumference of the earth. The tower is repainted every year requiring 60 tonnes of paint.The tower played a very important part of transmission in World War I.  This is the majestic Eiffel tower or the symbol of liberty for the French. sways six to seven metres in the wind.


This is the majestic Eiffel tower or the symbol of liberty for the French.


It was built in 1757 by Jacques German Suffolt during the French Revolution first as a church then as a secular building of reflecting great people of France like Marie Curie, Napoleon and Victor Hugo to name a few. Its design is neoclassical with classical and other Roman elements.

It is a crucifix  like building with a double dome and Corinthian pillars in a row. Its interiors are decorated with paintings and mosaics from French history. It also has sculptures by Piere Jeanne David post the Jacobin period.


This is one of the best destinations of Paris dedicated to famous Parisians.


It is a building in Paris lying at the west of the Parisian island;earlier a prison but now used as a court. It was part of the royal court Palace La Citie. It also contains a chapel called Saint Chapelle. Hundreds of people from the French Revolution were guilitoned here. Louis ix added the Saint Chapelle and other associated galleries. This chapel was built for the crusaders as a royal chapel. It has thousand stained glass windows and a very different architecture from usual churches. It has a opening shaft. Three towers survive from the medieval Conciergerie: the Caesar Tower, named in honor of the Roman Emperors; the Silver Tower, named for its alleged use as the store for the royal treasure; and the Bonbec (“good beak”) Tower, named for the torture chamber that it housed, in which victims were encouraged to “sing”. The building was extended during the reigns of later kings with France’s first public clock’s being installed about 1370. The current clock dates from 1535.

The famed Saint Chapelle with stained glass inside the Concierge


What to eat in Paris

So people lets head  to one of our favourite topic and a priority when travelling.  Things to eat for vegetarians is the very cool sorbet. Sorbet is a sweetened desert made from freezing wine/fruits. It was

invented in the 1st century AD by Emperor Nero

Sorbet; the French dessert; must try guys


Indian restaurants in Paris

Now people for Indian travellers, here are Indian restaurants in different areas of Paris for people who don’t take tours.



It is near Louvre museum.

Le Palais De  Maharaja- It is near Champ De Mars

Sarvana Bhavan

Top rated South iNDIAN

Tip – It is near St Denis cathedral.

St Denis

You cant miss this church where people used to tie locks for good luck leading to the pillars breaking as too many locks weighed down the old building of the 12th century. French kings from 10th to the 12th centuries were buried here with the saint considered auspicious. It is the first church  of Gothic style. It has closetory windows. It is the first example of church which has cadaver tombs which shows the impression of a soul beneath it.


Krishna Bhavan

Gare Du Nord- Indian area





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